2020 Week 16 (Mississippi)

2020 Week 16 (Missisippi)

So, Week 16 wasn’t really planned. Honestly, with the way things were going, I was thinking the Pennsylvania finals were going to be the end of the season for me. Initially, earlier this year as things were being scheduled, I had considered Tennessee.

Tennessee had pushed back the start of their season, but were planning to finish on time. However, playing at a small stadium in Cookeville, meant that instead of an ‘all-day ticket’, they were switching to individual tickets for each game. At $12 each, plus fee, the 9 games, if you could get all nine, would be $108 plus fees. Of course, the drive there and hotels weren’t bad the last time I was there.

But, that’s when I started to consider my other options. Alabama and Mississippi both had finals this weekend. Alabama had 7 games over three days (1 Wednesday, 3 Thursday, and 3 Friday) at Tuscaloosa. But, the earlier week, with no Saturday games, made that trip a little more difficult. Continue reading “2020 Week 16 (Mississippi)”

2010 Mississippi Week 10)

Mississippi (Week 10)

I had a pick of several games today, and none of them were particularly high impact matchups. I decided on Meridian-Jim Hill due to the fact Meridian was a high powered team (#176 by Calpreps) on the verge of going 10-0 on the season. Jim Hill, on the other hand, is at the other end of the spectrum. Hailing from the capital, Jackson, they were 1-8 and not very competitive in general.

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