2022 Year In Review

2022 Year In Review

After the last two years, it’s hard to say that a season was unusual. 2020 had so many twists and turns. Including spring games until June in New York City. Last year, there was some turbulence with scheduling. And I hurt my back after my trip to Arizona and things went downhill as the season went on.

This year, I was mostly healthy. Though getting older is not without its pitfalls. And things seemed to go on as planned. But my entire year had been affected by things including the economy and personal matters. I usually have a rather open personal life in the fall for football. And just work a bit more in the first eight months of the year. 2022 wasn’t that year. Continue reading “2022 Year In Review”

2022 Week 1 (New Jersey)

2022 Week 1 (New Jersey)

Week One was a trip east to New Jersey. I had planned this trip in 2021. However, it fell through thanks to a hotel booking issue. Coming out of Covid, the rate for my room had nearly trippled, and the hotel decided not to honor my original booking.

But, this year, I was going to head to Ocean City for three days of football mere feet from the Atlantic Ocean. I had to leave on Thursday, and my schedule was a bit hectic. Lunch with family, and then taking my sister to the airport to fly home. And then, a long long drive to New Jersey. Via Baltimore. I’ll explain. Continue reading “2022 Week 1 (New Jersey)”

2014 Week 15 (Maryland & New Jersey)

Week 15 (Maryland & New Jersey)

This was a difficult decision for me. For the first time in years I opted not to attend the Ohio state championships. Though the games were moved from Stark County to Columbus, it’s obvious that the travel wasn’t an issue for me. And neither was the cost. However, I wasn’t expecting the games to be worth the time and effort.

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2012 New Jersey (Week 16)

New Jersey (Week 16)

Due to the unfortunate tragedy wrought by Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey had pushed back their titles games to the week after the OHSAA finals. Because of this, and the lack of really any sort of doubleheaders in Pennsylvania to see, I decided to drive out to the Garden State to take in their championships being held at MetLife Stadium. It was going to be a rather tight weekend, as I planned to drive to Cleveland for the Browns-Chiefs game on Sunday with my dad. This wasn’t going to be easy.

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