2020 Week 13 (South Dakota)

2020 Week 13 (South Dakota)

As the playoffs progress, COVID is definitely becoming more problematic. My original plan, after spending the previous weekend in Colorado and Kansas, was to go with a friend to Iowa for their state semifinals.

Iowa hosts all semifinal and final round games at the UNI-Dome in Cedar Falls. It’s a fun weekend of 12 games for the semifinal round. Cedar Falls is a nice college town, and in the past it was always worth the trip. Continue reading “2020 Week 13 (South Dakota)”

2017 Week 12 (South Dakota)

Week 12 (South Dakota)

My first time seeing games in South Dakota was the seven state championship games. All seven were held over three days at the DakotaDome in Vermillion. In the far southeastern corner of the state. Being the only dome available, in early November, this location made a lot of sense.

Vermillion is a small college town. It’s about an hour from the major city of South Dakota, Sioux Falls, and also about 45 minutes or so away from Sioux City. It’s located just a few miles north of Nebraska and the Missouri River.

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