2011 North Carolina (Week 10)

North Carolina (Week 10)

Alright, this promises to be a short update for a few reasons. First among those, I have no photographs or any documentation of what took place in the game other than a few thoughts on the finish. It was a wet, cold night and my phone decided it didn’t want to keep running. So, no notes. Very few pictures, and it was a miserable environment. Secondly, I didn’t make it in time for kickoff. Give credit to North Carolinians, they don’t understand that 5pm means quitting time. So, I was busy up until almost 8pm for a 7:30pm start. And lastly, I only saw one game this weekend.

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2011 Wyoming (Week 6)

Wyoming (Week 6)

A brief note about these updates. I’m going to retool how I post. I’m going to avoid long play-by-play recaps as I think they’re the least received and probably as boring for me to write. Instead, I’m going to stick more to the observations of the game itself as an event and how that area of the country handles it, supports it, etc. If anybody reading these liked the more in-depth play-by-play let me know and I’ll take better notes next week.

This week found myself in the Equality State for a pair of games Friday night. Keeping with my mindset of finding more out of the way places to watch games. This time it was on a baron stretch of I-25 north of Casper, Wyoming.

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2011 New Mexico (Week 5)

New Mexico (Week 5)

Well, this Friday I was in Albuquerque for the day and found two games to see. Had I stayed over the weekend, I could’ve seen two more. But, these two would be it for the weekend. My third straight week with two games.

Both games were at the Milne Stadium complex off University Blvd just west of Central New Mexico community College and northwest of the University of New Mexico sports complex, and Isotopes Park.

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2011 Colorado (Week 3)

Colorado (Week 3)

My first true weekend away from home netted two games in the Centennial State. Being in northeast Colorado, there wasn’t many options that I could easily get to Friday night.

I knew I could see Lamar host Kent Denver on Saturday afternoon, but still wanted a game under the Friday Night Lights. Almost every teams nearby that I checked was on the road. Every Greeley school was on the road or had played Thursday or play on Saturday.

So, I stumbled upon little Kersey, Colorado. Home of the Platte Valley Broncos. Located a few miles east of Greeley on US34, it is a small hamlet that serves as the hub of the eastern Weld County massive 243 square miles school district.

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2010 Year in Review

2010 Year in Review

Memphis (TX) v. White Deer (TX), September 24, 2010
Memphis (TX) v. White Deer (TX), September 24, 2010

I figured it would be interesting to those that have followed along my little high school football odyssey this year to give some numbers and some final thoughts.

I’ll start with some statistics before getting into my opinions of the games. In total, I’ve seen 56 high school games this year. I’ve seen games in 12 different states. I’ve seen games in 21 different venues in 21 different towns. I’ve seen 14 state championship games, 18 state semifinals, and 5 other playoff games.

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