2022 Week 6 (Tri-State)

2022 Week 6 (Tri-State)

So, I finally got home from my three week sojourn. Last week, I was in South Dakota for three games in my semi-regular stomping ground of Aberdeen. A town I’ve previously seen summer league baseball games. But, being home meant finding games for this weekend. I had an idea and then my Saturday opened up with one game in a place I’ve wanted to see for a while. But, with games in the Tri-State, I was all over the map.

My Thursday almost didn’t happen. I had plans with my daughter, and wasn’t sure if or when I would be able to leave for the only game I could get to in Akron. I was figuring I would pass on the evening. But, things finished up early and I made the drive west to Akron and got to the parking lot as kickoff happened. And in the stadium just a minute later into the game.

#35 – Akron North v. Akron Ellet

In Akron, the Akron Public Schools have three true stadiums. The best one, complete with lights, is at Ellet. Joseph B. Yost Stadium has turf, new stands, and lights on the eastern side of town. Then there’s Buchtel and Kenmore. So, many of the city’s games get played at Ellet. Including a weekly Thursday night game to help fill in the schedule. So, this road game for Ellet was really played at home. And despite wearing the white jerseys, were situated on the home side of the field.

This game was projected to be a laugher. Calpreps had it at 48-6 for Ellet. But, the North Vikings came out with a fire and determination. Ellet was moving the ball, but would grind it a halt. North’s defense would step up, including after a pick was returned to the 4 yard line their defense held Ellet scoreless.

In the second half, North opened by returning the kickoff for a TD from 78 yards. But then Ellet woke up and chose violence. Four scores over the remaining 11:46 of the period made it 28-6. Despite the looming inevitablity, North slogged along, trying to keep themselves in it. Until with 1:44 left, Ellet scored on 36 yard run. On the ensuing kickoff, a fumble by North was returned about 7 yards for another score. Giving the prediction substance, as the final was 42-6. Just one score shy of being spot on.

For the weekend, my friend LCF was coming up from Columbus, so we were looking for a game nearby with a longer trip planned for Saturday. Original plans were penciled in for Fairview, PA, but instead wanted a short drive and chose between two in Ohio: Newton Falls and Leavittsburg LaBrae. Between the two, we settled on Newton Falls despite the prospect of a one-sided game.

#36 – Newton Falls v. Brookfield

This was my first time seeing Newton Falls. And I really liked the all orange look. Hadn’t seen a team look like that since Nottingham in Syracuse, New York. I’ve seen Brookfield twice before. Once at Warren JFK and once at Lisbon David Anderson. There was some discrepency in the name of Newton Falls’ stadium. Everywhere I found online called it “Newton Falls Stadium”, but a small ‘stadium guidelines’ sign simply called it Tigers Stadium. Which is either a simple collectively possessive description or the only place with permanent signage of the name. So, I did go with the name I had found everywhere online.

For the game, Brookfield jumped out to an early two score lead, recovered a bad punt snap in the endzone for a third, and then setup for a running clock with two more scores in the 2nd quarter. The last being a 79 yard run.

The second half was scoreless. Brookfield would win comfortably, 34-0.

After the game, it was back home and getting ready for a long Saturday. I finished up my photos from the day. At just before 10am, I was on the road heading for New York.

I had planned this game in Panama, New York for some time. As the architect of CSP’s three-team co-op was being honored at the game and I was asked to be there. Plus, it would give me my second CSP game of the season.

We got into town around 12:15 and were hoping to get lunch at the Panama Diner. However, it was closed. No cars out front and no lit sign. So, instead for lunch was over to the stadium. For the combined three-school homecoming, they had both pulled pork sandwiches and pulled pork nachos. I got the sandwich and a Gatorade for $5. And went back for two of the hot dogs while waiting for pregame to finish up.

The crowd was lively and the honoree was given his plaque pregame and I almost missed it. As I was photographing the player introductions.

2022 HSF Wk 6 New York

#37 – Clymer/Sherman/Panama v. Portville

This was expected to be a very good game. And it lived up to its billing. After a scoreless first quarter, Portville got on the board by recording a safety 16 seconds into the second. That score would hold up until 45.3 seconds remained in the third quarter. Portville’s Zander Keim would run in an 11 yard score.

I’d be lying if I wasn’t at least partially hoping for a 2-0 final. Of all the odd scores I’ve seen over the year, I still have yet to see a 2-0 game. The closest I got was had I attended a WPIAL Final in 2017, when Quaker Valley defeated Aliquippa by that score. I was in South Dakota that weekend instead. I’ve seen a team score one point before I saw a team win 2-0. (that 32-1 final was in Canada, but I still will always count that).

However, with Portville dashing the possibility of a 2-0 final, I was hoping CSP could continue the comeback. Bryce Hinsdale would end the shutout, making it 9-3, but that is as close as the Wolfpack could manage. Final, Portville, 9-3.

We hung around the field momentarily before heading out for the long drive to the night game. The drive east was 2 hours and 22 minutes long. At least according to Google Maps. With a 7pm kickoff, it was cutting it close and the CSP game needed to end at a reasonable time to make it work.

Now, why did I want to go to Westfield? I was here about 8 years ago in town. And saw their field sitting along the north edge of Route 49. Really, that was the reason. It looked like a small, quaint stadium. if you could call it a stadium. The cell service was horrible, but that was almost a decade ago. It’s improved since then.

I had planned for a Friday night game the year Covid struck. And then again last year. So, seeing a home game scheduled for Saturday night essentially made my plans for me. The other PA option was Greenville was hosting Grove City. Which was my fall back option. But, instead, I drove 131 miles further east along I-86 and a slew of backroads to pull up to Cowanesque Valley High School shortly after 6:30pm.

#38 – Cowanesque Valley v. North Penn-Mansfield

This was my first time at Cowanesque Valley for a game and first time seeing either school. North Penn-Mansfield is a part of the Southern Tioga School District, which has two high schools in Mansfield and Liberty. I’ll give you a moment to think fo what the school in Liberty is named.

Yes, it’s North Penn-Liberty. The Indians of Cowanesque Valley came into this contest at 0-5. North Penn-Mansfield also came into it at 0-5. So, despite it being two struggling teams, it was eyeing up to be an even contest. And as the rain from Hurricane Ian stayed mostly to the south, the teams traded early scores to give the hosts a 7-6 advantage just 9 seconds into the second quarter.

And then North Penn-Mansfield rattled off three straight touchdowns to completely demoralize the home squad. Taking a 26-7 lead into the break.

The second half had the visitors get two more scores, before the Indians salvaged some wherewithall and scored on a 5 yard run late in the fourth quarter. North Penn-Mansfield won, 40-15.

After the game, it was a long 203 mile drive home. Mostly because of all the back roads late at night. The 4 hour projection was a tad off. Taking 49 into Coudersport and along US6 west through Port Allegany, Smethport and Kane. Stopping momentarily at Lantz Corner for some Sheetz. And then along PA66 through the Allegheny National Forest which was an interesting drive. Getting to Westfield from Panama saw 11 deer. I lost count at a dozen on the way home from Westfield. None crossing the road. All just lazily grazing next to the road.

With the quick finish, I got home at just about 2am. With plans to watch the Browns game at home on Sunday and finish up my Saturday photos.


2022 HSF Wk 6 Ohio

2022 HSF Wk 6 Ohio

2022 HSF Wk 6 Ohio

2022 HSF Wk 6 Ohio

2022 HSF Wk 6 Ohio

2022 HSF Wk 6 Ohio

2022 HSF Wk 6 Ohio

2022 HSF Wk 6 New York

2022 HSF Wk 6 New York

2022 HSF Wk 6 New York

2022 HSF Wk 6 New York

2022 HSF Wk 6 New York

2022 HSF WK 6 Pennsylvania

2022 HSF WK 6 Pennsylvania

2022 HSF WK 6 Pennsylvania


For the weekend, I drove 633 total miles. 99 round trip to Akron. 69 round trip to Newton Falls. And 465 miles on a busy Saturday. Total cost was only $117.93. $62 for gas, and $55.93 for food. $9 of that was at CSP, and a stop at McDonalds, in addition to a couple of gas station stops. Thursday and Friday included something from Meijer Thursday night and Walmart Friday night that wasn’t just groceries for home.

Next Week

I’ll be taking in as much of the Thursday night game in Akron as possible. Buchtel and East are facing off at Ellet. Again, my daughter has a thing Thursday afternoon that prevents me from going any further. If at all. On Friday, I’m heading to Indiana. Delta hosts Greenfield-Central on Friday night. The third time I’ll have seen a game at Delta. Loved my first time going there and have enjoyed returning last year. So much so I’ll be back against this season. Which is definitely not common for me but that’s just how much I liked seeing a game at Delta. On Saturday will be the Tri-Eastern Conference quadrupleheader at Ball State’s Scheumann Stadium.

2022 Statistics

38 Games
74 Teams
22 Stadiums
8 States

38 New Teams
16 New Stadiums

1,435 different teams
459 different stadiums

1,311 total games

For more, and larger, photos from this weekend, click HERE.

For photos from previous weeks and seasons, visit http://www.flickr.com/sykotyk/sets/

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