Week 0 (Kentucky)

Week 0 (Kentucky)

As has been the case the past few years, Week 0 is a trip to Kentucky. Now, one thing about Kentucky is their ‘bowl’ games. Other places around the country may have ‘kickoff classics’ or other events that start the season. Ohio has the Crosstown Showdown and the now-defunct Herbstreit Challenge. Syracuse has their 10-game behemoth at the Carrier Dome. Michigan now offers two kickoff classics. One at Wayne State and the other at Michigan Stadium. And Georgia boasts the venerable and interestingly name-saked Corky Kell Classic.

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2012 Kentucky (Week 0)

Kentucky (Week 0)

Alright, this is a little late, but I felt like getting the ball rolling for another year of high school football.

Unlike in previous years, my schedule will let me be home every weekend (or virtually every weekend) this fall. One of the benefits of working for yourself.

But, I still like to see games.

And this year is no different. My season started earlier than ever this year as I drove down to Kentucky to take in two days of ‘bowl games’.

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