2019 Week 0 (Utah)

2019 Week 0 (Utah)

This season certainly didn’t start out as I had originally planned. Usually, I travel to Kentucky and also sometimes Tennessee for their “Week 0” games. These usually take place a week before Ohio starts. And formerly, two weeks before Pennsylvania would start.

However, due to a fluke of the schedule, Kentucky and Ohio both have had their season reset one weekend into the future this off-season, while Pennsylvania is still running on the same weekend. This means Pennsylvania and Kentucky are starting the second to last weekend of August. Continue reading “2019 Week 0 (Utah)”

2010 Utah (Week 12)

Utah (Week 12)

I found myself in Salt Lake City on Friday and really had one option. The state semifinals were being playing at Rice-Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah on the east side of the city.

I’ve been to Rice-Eccles Stadium twice before. In 2008, I saw David Beckham score two goals against Real Salt Lake in a draw. And, two months later that year I saw Real Salt Lake beat up my favorite MLS team, the Columbus Crew, 2-0. Which was only reconciled by them winning the MLS Cup that year.

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