Day 1

Travel; Day 1

The trip started easily enough. I didn't take photos of my entering West Virginia or Pennsylvania because I've driven into both of those so many times, the appeal of pulling over and taking pictures of road signs was non-existent.

I traveled east on US22 until I got to Robinson. Because it was rush hour, and previously working in Robinson and also living on Pittsburgh's south side, I do know my way around, I took Campbells Run Road down into Carnegie, and then over to I-79 down to Washington, PA. From there, I went east on I-70 until it merged in with the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76). I took that to Breezewood, where I-70 exits out on US30 and then back onto itself in a rare gap of the Interstate Highway system. I then followed it south into Maryland.

This was the only photo I took of this sign, so I'm glad it turned out as well as it did.

I then traveled south to Frederick, MD. From there, it was I-270 towards Washington, D.C. Then the I-270 spur south to the I-495 loop. From there, it was to the Clara Barton Parkway into D.C. itself. Because this parkway had narrow berms and curbs next to the roadway. The sign welcoming me to D.C. was simply labeled "District Line". As I did later in the trip, I didn't take a photo of a sign for D.C. as I left the state/district.

I followed the road until I got to a sign that pointed me to Pennsylvania Ave, which of course, is the road the White House was on, and I figure, why not. Because tonight was the night of the State of the Union, it took me a while to navigate down and around the National Mall and finally reached a road block by the Washington Monument on the corner of 15th and Constitution when the presidental motorcade came through. After sitting for fifteen minutes or so, the motorcade went through, and the road was finally cleared. I drove around the White House and down by the Capital before heading towards RFK and out 295 to US50.

Back in Maryland, I followed US50 east to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I then continued to follow US50 south and then east to Salisbury, MD. Taking the US13 bypass north of the city, I opted to stay north on US13 for the short jaunt to Delaware.


After stopping at a Wal-Mart in Delaware for a few supplies, namely a few t-shirts, some food, and a pop, I opted to keep driving for the night to head into Virginia.

At night, I entered Virginia, just enough to drive past the sign. Because it was late, well after midnight, I turned north to the northbound lanes and stopped at the rest area on the Maryland side of the border.

Day 2

Day 1
Started...1600E....137,370...from Steubenville, OH
Ended...0300E....n/ US13 MD/VA Stateline Rest Area

271mi on 9.138g for $20.64
195mi on 6.975g for $14.43

Total expense for the day for gas was $35.07 and total overall was $103.64 which included an oil change and new air filter.

I didn't write down on my notepad what the mileage was for the day. The 137,370 should be mentioned as where the mileage was when I had the oil changed in Steubenville, earlier in the day before I left.

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