Day 14

Travel; Day 14

After Super Bowl Sunday, it was set for a lacksadasical day driving back towards home.

While talking the night before, my wife and I decided to drive down to Acadia National Park. She had always wanted to go to the town of Bar Harbor as well.

We drove down Alt U.S. Route 1 towards the coast and Acadia.



After stopping in Bar Harbor for Lobster, we stopped back at a wood carving we saw on our way to Mount Desert Island.

Old Man of the Sea

Heading down US Route 1, we came across a bridge eerily similar to the one crossing the Ohio River on US22.

Veterans Memorial?

You can find more pics of the bridge here.

We then headed to Augusta and back on I-95 to head south.

Late in the day, we crossed back into New Hampshire and a short jaunt on the tollway to Massachusetts.


We went the length of I-95 down around Boston and took I-295 into Rhode Island.

Rhode Island

At this point, we were both tired, and stopped at a few exits looking for a cheap hotel to get a few hours of shuteye in before continuing home.

We stopped at the "Bel-Air Motor Inn" in Johnston, RI. Honestly, one of the worst motels I've ever stayed in. Other than the one for $40 I got near Times Square, but I digress.

Day 15

Day 14
Started...1100E....146,743...from Comfort Inn, Bangor, ME
Ended...2330E....147, Bel-Air Motor Inn, Johnston, RI

194mi on 7.431g for $16.49
171mi on 6.399g for $13.82

402 miles in 12h30m, or 32.2mph for the day.

Total cost for the day was $189.83, of which $30.31 was gas. We spent $73.23 for the hotel room the night before. Eating lobster in Bar Harbor cost $57.69.

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