Day 16

Travel; Day 16

Travel; Day 16

The last day of the trip. It had been a very wild ride for me. 15 days, 48 states, over 10,000 miles at this point.

But there was still some more driving to go.

We got back on I-80 and headed west towards Ohio. Given my propensity for Big Red, I thought this truck deserved to make it in the archive:

Big Red

After stopping for some lunch and a place for my wife to shop, we took PA28 south from Brookville down towards Pittsburgh.

Just before Kittaning, PA28 turns into an interstate-like road, and drove much quicker to Pittsburgh. We arrove just in time for early rush hour.

Fort Duquesne Bridge

Fort Duquesne Bridge

Crossing the point

The Point

Approaching the Fort Pitt Tunnels


Going up Greentree Hill on I-279 was slow as the rush hour traffic had it at a near standstill. Finally, cresting Greentree, the road opened up and we headed out to Robinson Township and on US22 west.

A road I know all too well, it was bittersweet to drive back it. No more was the trip on roads unknown.

I got to the West Virginia line just as the sun was going behind it, a perfect time to get a photo of it. It's grainy, as I had to zoom.

West Virginia

And now I had all 48 state welcome/entrance signs as well. At 5:20, I gassed up at the Kwik King by Veterans Bridge. Odometer read 147,843.

10,473 miles in sixteen days.


Day 15
Started...1000E....147,544...from Red Maple Inn, Berwick, PA
Ended...1720E....147, Steubenville, OH

221mi on 8.333g for $18.16
287mi on 11.439g for $26.30

299 miles in 7h20m, or 40.8mph for the day.

Total cost for the day was $135.99, of which $44.46 was gas. We spent $45.00 for the "hotel room that time forgot" the night before.

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