Day 8

Travel; Day 8

Day 8 started well enough. The heavy snow on the ground and cold temperature hit me the moment I opened the back driverside door.

It was 730AM Mountain Time, and a few more inches of snow had fallen in the night.

I got my car situated and got headed east.

Montana is made for high speed travel. So I still wound up around 80mph the whole time.

From I-90 to I-94, I headed out towards Miles City.


Once I got to Miles City, I took US12 east towards North Dakota. On that road is where the photo was taken. I must admit, that wasn't the fastest I went.

Just before entering North Dakota, the sky started to darken.

Big Sky Country

After 89 miles:

North Dakota

I really like North Dakota. My sister lived there for a while and I visited four times as a kid. Such a shame that the sign would be used for target practice. I know Utah had a few bullet holes and grafiti, but this was much worse And I didn't it wise to stand there long taking photos, lest the shooter returns.

After just entering North Dakota, I happened across a dot on the map named "Marmarsh" This was a ghost town with people. These photos show what I mean.

I then took US85 south into South Dakota.

South Dakota

I was approaching Rapid City, but headed west on I-90 first to enter Wyoming.


I stopped at a gas station and turned around to head east.

The only out of the way part up to this point was Nebraska. It was an hour south of I-90.

I got on US83 in Murdo and headed south to Rosebud.


I took this photo at night and then turned around and drove to an isolated part of the lot by the gas station, about 80 feet off the road facing a field.

It was now 2:45am Central when I finally called it a night. I decided to let the car idle all night again. I had driven 1,017 miles that day.

Day 9

Day 8
Started...0730M....142,653...from I-90 Missoula, MT Rest Area
Ended...0245C....143, Rosebud, SD Gas Station

236mi on 11.083g for $23.15*
220mi on 7.565g for $15.12
217mi on 9.200g for $20.14
186mi on 5.870g for $13.52
158mi on 5.742g for $12.51

1,017 miles in 18h15m, or 55.7mph for the day.

*-I did let the car idle overnight. That ended up using about 2.5 gallons of gas.

Total cost for the day was $118.44, of which 84.44 was gas.

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