Day 10

Travel; Day 10

I woke up to the roar of traffic on I-80 going by near my car. After getting situated, I drove to the convenience store at the service plaza and bought a paper. Since I was driving through Chicago, and the Bears were in the Super Bowl, I picked up a daily to have as a souveneir.

I drove towards Indiana and failed to see any type of Welcome sign. I stayed west on I-80 until it merged with I-94. I followed I-94 to Michigan.

I've been to Michigan many times in the past, so it wasn't a big deal to drive there. What irked me was there were "No Parking" signs posted every twenty feet along the road right near the welcome sign.

Pulling into the welcome area didn't help, either.

Still without either sign, I headed back towards Indiana on Route 39. There, I got much better photos of the two state signs.



And Michigan


From there, I took a convoluted route to Kentucky. In hindsight, I should have driven back on I-94 to I-65, driven that south for a while, and then gotton onto US41 near Enos.

Instead, I took IN39 until US35, and then took that down to US30 (Lincoln Highway). I took that east until US31, and took that south into Indianapolis.

Once there, I at first took I-465 west around the north of the city. But knowing I went near Chicago, wanted to be closer than the outer loop to Indianapolis. So, I took I-65 into downtown past the stadiums. Along the way, the pride was out in force.

Colts Pride

I then took I-70 west, not realizing it was I-65 south that I really wanted. It wasn't until I was ten miles outside of I-465 that I caught it. I decided, what the hell, and just kept driving until Terre Haute.

It was in Terre Haute that I bought a couple of Indiana papers, as well as a copy of the Super Bowl game program at a CVS.

I then took US41 south to Evansville. I then doglegged east on I-64 to get to I-164 south, bypassing Evansville proper. I then crossed the Ohio River on US41 again.

Same issue as every other state, unable to get a good photo crossing on a bridge.

Now, I was in Kentucky less than four months ago on my honeymoon. We stopped at Mammoth Cave on our way back through from Tennessee. They have a propensity to use 'Parkways' rather than simply using US or State Route numbers, and most aren't connected directly to other roads at the ends, so they can't be interstates. It's nice, except trying to see road names on a map that's designed to display numbers gets tricky.

I took the Breathitt Parkway south past Hopkinsville and down Alt US 41 to I-24. I took that into Tennessee.


After stopping at the visitor's center and getting a pop, I turned north/west on I-24 back into Kentucky.


I then back-tracked further up the Breathitt to the Western KY Parkway. I took that until I-65 near Elizabethtown. I-65 took me north to Louisville and I took the I-265 bypass around downtown to I-71. Just a few miles later is a rest area, and that's where I decided to end my drive for the day.

Day 11

Day 10
Started...0855C....144,572...from I-80 Service Plaza near IN/IL border
Ended...0130E....145, I-71 Rest Area near Louisville, KY

91mi on 4.913g for $11.00*
249mi on 8.181g for $18.81
271mi on 8.633g for $17.60

737 miles in 15h35m, or 47.3mph for the day.

*-I did let the car idle overnight. That ended up using about 1.5 gallons of gas.

Total cost for the day was $124.76, of which $47.41 was gas.

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