Day 11

Travel; Day 11

I woke up around nine and proceeded to get ready. A fine layer of snow fell. Given that it was above freezing the day before, a fine layer of ice was over every stone surface.

I drove slowly north on I-71 towards Cincinnati. As I did, I saw a car spin out behind me. Riding in the middle lane, I saw a black car suddenly sliding with traffic, the headlights in the left lane, and the taillights in the right lane. As I watched, he spun clockwise, this time his front end facing the shoulder barrier, and with a quick motion, he's ass end spun out to the shoulder as well. In a quick bit of luck, his car nosed back into the slow lane, avoiding hitting his ass end into the wall. He then continued to drive without stopping. All this was with heavy morning traffic and not one person hitting him or swerving out of the way.

Finally, I got a great photo crossing the bridge on I-275 to the east of Cincinnati.


I then took I-71, again, to Columbus. Taking the I-270 loop, I headed east on I-70 to Cambridge. My wife was eager to see me again, so she drove to Salt Fork State Park on US22.

We headed back into Steubenville, where I loaded her bag into the car, helped her make sure our cats had enough food and water for a four or five day trip, and then headed north on OH7 to East Liverpool.

We stopped in Calcutta at the Wal-Mart to get the oil changed, as well as to get a few things for the trip.

It was already late, as we proceeded north to Erie along OH11. Just passing through Conneaut was when the lake-effect snow hit us. Driving at a snails pace, I kept losing track of where the road was, as did the few people infront of or behind me. It wasn't until somebody tried to pass that we realized we were riding down the center or on the shoulder.

Because of the horrific snow, I passed on getting a Pennsylvania welcome sign for the second time.

After getting past Erie, we stopped at the TA travel center in Harborcreek. After realizing that Rochester was out of the picture as a goal for the night, we settled on getting at least to Dunkirk.

New York

New York

We did get to Dunkirk and stopped at the Red Roof Inn.

Day 12

Day 11
Started...0930E....145,309...from I-71 Rest Area near Louisville, KY
Ended...0030E....145, Red Roof Inn, Dunkirk, NY

225mi on 8.776g for $19.12
215mi on 6.856g for $14.25
306mi on 10.726g for $23.26

604 miles in 15h0m, or 40.3mph for the day.

Total cost for the day was $140.96, of which $56.63 was gas.

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