Day 13

Travel; Day 13

Day 13 was Super Bowl Sunday. Driving was going to be limited as we made our way to Bangor. The reason for going to Bangor was simple: My wife and I had taken a trip to the Canadian Maritimes shortly after we first met, and both loved the little city in Maine. It was also where I asked my wife to go with me for this trip. Since 'just finishing off the last ten states' wouldn't have been enough to convince her.

So, we followed I-95 north through Portland, and Lewiston to Augusta where we stopped for an early lunch.

Leaving the Turnpike


After that, we finished the drive north to Bangor on I-95.

Although this was the second time in Maine, we had yet to see a moose, despite the warnings.


After getting to Bangor, we drove past towards a midway between Bangor and Orono (home of the University of Maine) and stopped at Comfort Inn for the day.

We headed down the street to pick up take out at Uno Chicago Grill, a great pizza place. We took that back to the hotel to watch the Super Bowl. We were both rooting for Indy, since neither of us have a liking for Chicago, despite our restaurant of choice.

Colts won, 29-17.

I called the kickoff return. In the three previous Super Bowls held at Dolphins Stadium/Joe Robbie Stadium, each had a kickoff returned for a touchdown. Took less than a minute for the string to continue.

Our favorite commercial was the Bud Light commercial with the hitchhiker.

Day 14

Day 13
Started...1100E....146,538...from EconoLodge, York, ME
Ended...1430E....146, Comfort Inn, Bangor, ME

254mi on 9.096g for $20.00

205 miles in 3h30m, or 58.6mph for the day.

Total cost for the day was $170.39, of which $20.00 was gas. We also spent $34.00 at Uno's for food to take back to the hotel. $48.15 was for the EconoLodge the previous night.

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