Day 7

Travel; Day 7

Considering how early I went to sleep the night before, I was up and driving by 4:30 the next morning.

I followed US97 north to I-84 along the Columbia River.

I must admit I was disappointed in seeing this 'great river' that had no forests or anything along the banks for most of my drive east.

I took US730 as a cut across to I-82 and headed into Washington.

This was the second time I couldn't get a state sign as I entered. Again the issue was I was crossing a river. The sign was blurred, and there wasn't any type of rest area or visitors center as Kennewick and Pasco were not much further down the road.

I took the exit for US395 north into Kennewick and crossed over to Pasco. I stopped at the Wal-Mart there for supplies before stopping at the smallest Flying J I had ever seen. Also, one of the most unkept.

I continued on US395 north for 73 miles to I-90. From there, I headed east the 77 miles or so to Idaho.


Driving through Spokane.

State Line

High Speed

I took the State Line exit, not sure whether I'd see a sign for Idaho. Of course, I thought, the route I was on would have a decent sign for either Washington or Idaho. Wrong.

The Washington welcome center was there, but closed. It also didn't have any signs to be able to take photos of. So I drove a few miles and got back on I-90 West to head into Washington.


So, here's Washington's sign.


And Idaho's as well.

Urban Moose

While driving through Coeur d'Alene, I spotted this at the library. I guess, a sure sign of wildlife adaptation: Urban Moose.

After passing through Coeur d'Alene, I continued east on I-90 towards Montana, but now that it was later in the day, I stopped off at an exit for food. The only thing I saw was a Wal-Mart.




One of the most unique designs for one I've seen on my trip. This one apparantly just opened not long before I passed through.

From here, it was on to Lookout Pass and a cross over to Montana.

For more info on Lookout Pass, click here.

Lookout Pass

Lookout Pass

The snow chains came in handy. Was a slow drive up the mountain.


Montana. Snow.

Rest Area

Shortly after the state line, was a rest area. The lot hadn't been plowed in quite a while, it appeared that I had been the first car to stop since the snow started coming down that day.

Big Red

Ohio State

A shoutout to Big Red and Ohio State. As well as a nice shot of my handiwork with the snow chains.

Lookout Pass

I must admit that Montana disappointed me. Moreso for my own misknowledge of the state. The last I knew of Montana was that they had their "Reasonable and Prudent" speed limit deemed unconstitutional and had no speed limit. I even had several old atlases that listed that as well.

Some things just never last. Montana now had a 75mph speed limit. So, that blew my chances of making up a ton of time in flyover country.

After finally getting out of the mountainous areas, I reached the rest area just east of Missoula, MT where I called it a night.

I decided that I would leave my car idle all night. I set my alarm to wake me at 1, 3, 5, and 7 local so I could check how the car was doing. This meant leaving the heat run, and not plugging in the 'boil your skin' electric blanket.

Day 8

Day 6
Started...0430P....142,099...from US97 Wasco County Rest Area
Ended...2230M....142, I-90 Missoula, MT Rest Area

231mi on 7.950g for $19.87
166mi on 6.145g for $13.39
92mi on 3.663g for $7.84

544 miles in 19h0m, or 28.6mph for the day.

Total expense for the day was $88.29. Of which $41.10 was for gas.
The drive way slow due to the several hours of driving with snow chains at 30mph.

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