2012 New Jersey (Week 16)

New Jersey (Week 16)

Due to the unfortunate tragedy wrought by Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey had pushed back their titles games to the week after the OHSAA finals. Because of this, and the lack of really any sort of doubleheaders in Pennsylvania to see, I decided to drive out to the Garden State to take in their championships being held at MetLife Stadium. It was going to be a rather tight weekend, as I planned to drive to Cleveland for the Browns-Chiefs game on Sunday with my dad. This wasn’t going to be easy.

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2012 Pennsylvania (Week 7)

Pennsylvania (Week 7)

Unfortunately, despite having the time to see the number of games, I haven’t had the time to write recaps of my weekends. But, I also haven’t traveled much for games. I’ve only seen games in four states so far this year and all of them bordering Ohio (Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia).

Before recounting some games from elsewhere around Pennsylvania from earlier this year, I’ll give a run-down of this week.

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2012 Kentucky (Week 0)

Kentucky (Week 0)

Alright, this is a little late, but I felt like getting the ball rolling for another year of high school football.

Unlike in previous years, my schedule will let me be home every weekend (or virtually every weekend) this fall. One of the benefits of working for yourself.

But, I still like to see games.

And this year is no different. My season started earlier than ever this year as I drove down to Kentucky to take in two days of ‘bowl games’.

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