2018 Week 4 (Maryland & Indiana)

2018 Week 4 (Maryland & Indiana)

Week 4 was an interesting confluence of things. I had been planning, for months, to travel to Muncie, Indiana for the four CIC Day at Ball State games. The Central Indiana Conference (and the Tri-Eastern Conference) have held, sporadically, a weekend of conference games at one Ball State. This year, Week 1 hosted the TEC Day, and Week 4 hosted the CIC Day. Continue reading “2018 Week 4 (Maryland & Indiana)”

2014 Week 15 (Maryland & New Jersey)

Week 15 (Maryland & New Jersey)

This was a difficult decision for me. For the first time in years I opted not to attend the Ohio state championships. Though the games were moved from Stark County to Columbus, it’s obvious that the travel wasn’t an issue for me. And neither was the cost. However, I wasn’t expecting the games to be worth the time and effort.

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