2014 Week 17 (Texas)

Week 17 (Texas)

I originally hoped to get something down earlier but the week between Texas and Florida was a bit full for certain obvious reasons.

Basically, Week 17 was part of a three week trip for games in Texas and Florida, as well as a Christmas spent in Fort Lauderdale with my girlfriend’s family. It also gave me the chance to clinch a few more states in my quest to visit every county in the country. However, this write-up is to summarize the Texas portion of the trip.

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2010 Texas (Week 5)

Texas (Week 5)

My little football odyssey continues in Texas this weekend.

I’ve seen this Cyclones Stadium several times in the past few years southeast of Amarillo and always said if I was in the area the day of a game, I’d check out a game.

So, that day was today. The Memphis Cyclones are a 1A-D2 school in Texas, were state champions in 1991, and currently 0-4 going into today’s game against White Deer.

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