2015 Mid Season

2015 Mid Season Report

Well, it’s on the verge of Week 14 in Ohio, so I’m ready for a Midseason report, as it were. Since my last post, my wife and I have traveled to New York and Iowa. As well as smaller trips to the Cleveland area and northern West Virginia. For Weeks 8, 9, and 10 we’ve seen four games each weekend. A Thursday night, a Friday night, and two games each Saturday.

Week 11 included six games. A consolation game, a playoff doubleheader on Thursday, and the regular Friday and Saturday plans. Week 12 was in Iowa and Week 13 was a surprisingly sparse affair, with just three games locally. As of today, I’ve attended 71 games, while my wife has attended 64.

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2015 Early Season

2015 Early Season Report

Well, it’s as good a time as any to write up about the first seven weeks of the 2015 High School Football season. I had intended to write recaps of Kentucky and Tennessee from Week 0 and New York from Week 2. In between, there was also one game from West Virginia. The rest were my usual games around Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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