2018 Week 17 (North Carolina)

2018 Week 17 (North Carolina)

A little late getting these last two out. North Carolina and Texas were part of the same trip. Originally, I was planning to take the weekend off and just head to Texas like I do every season.

But, as has happened the past few years, the hurricane season interferred with football season. Pushing back both North Carolina and South Carolina’s season. This pushed North Carolina’s state championships back into the open week between the Pennsylvania and Texas finals. Continue reading “2018 Week 17 (North Carolina)”

2011 North Carolina (Week 10)

North Carolina (Week 10)

Alright, this promises to be a short update for a few reasons. First among those, I have no photographs or any documentation of what took place in the game other than a few thoughts on the finish. It was a wet, cold night and my phone decided it didn’t want to keep running. So, no notes. Very few pictures, and it was a miserable environment. Secondly, I didn’t make it in time for kickoff. Give credit to North Carolinians, they don’t understand that 5pm means quitting time. So, I was busy up until almost 8pm for a 7:30pm start. And lastly, I only saw one game this weekend.

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